What drew you to Integrated Language Arts?

Well, in common speech, Integrated Language Arts translates to English Education. When I graduate, I will be certified to teach English grades 7-12. I’m passionate about reading and writing, both of which have done a lot to shape who I am as a person. Like the teachers that came before me, I want to share my passion with the coming generations. Reading has made my life so much more interesting, fulfilling, and intricate. And I possess a certain fervor when it comes to teaching people how to write, because it is such an invaluable tool for communication and self-expression.


You have written several short stories and a play: is there a favorite genre you like to write and is it different than your favorite reading genre?

My favorite things to read and write are short stories. I have written two short plays, and I’m currently working on what will hopefully be a full-length play to be produced by the MVNU drama department sometime in the future. I do try my hand at poetry from time to time. 

Was there a particular class at MVNU that shaped or developed your writing?

As far as a class that has shaped my writing, I would have to say American Lit II. I read a lot of very inspiring short stories, some of which have greatly influenced the lenses through which I view life; which in turn translate into the thematic elements in my stories.